Shape Lacing Cards to Teach Toddlers Shapes

I really wanted to have a shape activity that could fit in a busy bag.

There are so many busy bags that you could make, but a shape-themed busy bag is perfect for the toddler learning their shapes! These shape lacing cards are an easy addition. Making these cards is very simple.

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Discover how to use these lacing cards to teach toddlers shapes

First, print off the shapes using this printable that I made. Next, laminate the shapes. Usually I say laminating is optional, but I have tried lots of different options (using contact paper, using packing tape, gluing the picture to cardboard or a cereal box) and honestly, nothing works as well as lamination.

If laminating is absolutely not an option, I would glue the picture to a thin piece of cardboard (like a cereal box), then cover both sides with packing tape.

Once the shape is laminated hold punch holes in the edges about one inch apart. Now, add a shoelace or yarn with tape on the end. Tie one end of the yarn to the lacing card so the yarn doesn’t get lost.

Find out how to use these lacing cards to teach your toddlers shapes

Now, show your toddler how to thread the end of the shoelace or yarn through each hole.

Learn how to use these lacing cards to teach your toddlers shapes

This is a great way to teach shapes to your toddler. They get the opportunity to explore the edges of each shape while using the lacing card. Plus, these lacing cards fit perfectly in a gallon-size food storage bag (which is what I use for busy bags).