General Conference Activities — Vertical Surface Drawing, Magnetic Letter Match

These coloring activities are the perfect way to entertain your toddlers during General Conference!

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Print out these free coloring pages for your toddlers during general conference

Vertical Surface Drawing

This vertical surface drawing activity is perfect for both toddlers and preschoolers. Draw a picture on the matte side (not the glossy side) of a poster board. Hang the poster board up on the wall at your toddlers eye level and give your toddler some crayons to color the picture.

Check out these fun coloring pages activity for your toddler to do during general conference

Kids love this activity because they get to draw on the wall, sort of. 🙂

Just take my advice and make sure that the picture you draw is an inch or two from the edge of the poster board. You don’t want your sweet toddler drawing on the wall because he or she was trying to fill in the lines!

Magnetic Letter Match

This is a pretty common activity so I don’t think it needs much explanation. Print off some clip art from and print or write words that describe the image next to it. For more durability, laminate them.

Put the papers one page at a time on a cookie sheet. Use a magnetic alphabet to cover the letters on the page. This is a great way to practice letter recognition!

General Conference Activity-Magnetic Letter Match
General Conference Activity-Magentic Letter Match