General Conference Activities — Sandpaper and Yarn, Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window

You don’t have to sacrifice watching General Conference just because you have young children! Keep reading to see some fun activities to keep your toddler quiet and happy!

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Yarn and stained glass activities for your succulent to play with during General Conference!

Sandpaper and Yarn

Give your child a sheet of sandpaper and several colors and lengths of yarn. Your child can put the yarn on the sandpaper in designs and it will stick to the sandpaper.

Your toddler will have so much fun making pictures for General Conference out of sandpaper and yarn

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window

This stained glass window craft is a really fun activity that is sure to keep your preschooler busy for at least one General Conference talk.

Start by cutting out a “window” out of construction paper. Put this “window” on top of some clear contact paper. Be sure to keep the sticky side of the contact paper up.

Cut out a window for your toddler's stained glass window in this General Conference activity!

Have your child stick different colors and sizes of tissue paper to the sticky side of the contact paper. Your preschooler can cut the tissue paper or he can tear the tissue paper. Both provide a different type of fine motor practice so they are both great options!

The window for your toddlers stained glass window for General Conference
Your toddler will add paper to create stained glass shapes to their window

When the contact paper is all filled up with colorful tissue paper, cover it with another piece of contact paper so that the sticky sides are facing each other. Hang up your stained glass window craft in a window to see the light shine through all of the pretty colors.

Isn't this stained glass window done by a toddler during General Conference so much fun