Color Games for Toddlers — Printable Color Puzzles

With all these color games I’ve been making, I knew it was only a matter of time before I made some color puzzles. They are finally finished and I think they turned out very well. The best thing about these color puzzles is how age versatile they are. You can use them in many different ways for all your little ones. Plus it is going to be part of the Toddler School! However, since they have words on them these puzzles are perfect for your preschooler as well.

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Teach your toddlers colors by using this mutlicolor puzzle game to help your kids match colors

What you need:

How to Make it

To use these color puzzles, first print them in color (or print out the black and white version and color them) and then cut on all of the black lines. You will end up with 12 puzzles that have 3 parts each. I also laminated the puzzle pieces, but that is purely optional. If you want more durability, you could also print the puzzles on cardstock or cover the pieces with contact paper or packing tape. So far, we use these 3 part color puzzles in lots of different ways. Here are several ways to play for your toddler or preschooler:


Put all of the puzzle pieces into a pile and have your child sort the pieces by color. With a toddler consider only putting the pieces for 2-3 color puzzles in the beginning pile. Then with a preschooler you can put all of the pieces in the beginning pile.

Teach toddlers colors by using this color puzzle game to help kids to match colors

Put all of the puzzle pieces in a pile. When you play this with your toddler, only include 2-3 colors in the beginning pile. Pick up one puzzle piece and name the color. Ask your child to find another piece that is the same color. Continue until all the pieces from the pile are gone. When you play with your preschooler, put all of the puzzles pieces for all of the colors in the beginning pile. When you pick up the puzzle piece have them name it. Then ask them to find both pieces that match the color. Continue until all the pieces from the pile are gone.

Color Find

Put the puzzle pieces in a pile (for toddler only include 2-3 colors, for preschoolers include all the colors). Ask your child to pick out a red piece (or whatever color). Continue asking for specific pieces until all of the pieces from the beginning pile are gone.

Put the Puzzle Together

Have the puzzle pieces out and have your child put them together. For a toddler, only put out one color at a time. You can put all three pieces for one color in a pile and allow your child to put them together correctly. When they are done, give them all the pieces for the next color. When you play this with a preschooler, all of the puzzle pieces are in a pile. Have your child sort the pieces by color first, then complete the puzzle.

Yellow Color Puzzle Gif example on how to use puzzle pieces toteach your toddlers colors

This is the preschooler version:

Write the Color Words

This game is for preschoolers only. After your child has put together all of the puzzles, have them get a blank piece of paper. Have them pick out a crayon that matches one of the puzzles, then have them practice writing that color word on the blank piece of paper. Continue until your child has written all the color words with the correct color of crayon.

Teach toddlers colors with this color puzzle game and preschool kids can write the name of the colors down on paper

This has been a really great color game so far and I love that preschoolers can do so much with the color puzzles. They may know their colors already, but it’s always fun to practice them. Don’t expect you toddler to recognize the name of the colors on the cards. These puzzles are giving them exposure to letters, but don’t expect anything beyond that. Be sure to print off your 3 part color puzzles and don’t forget to check out all of these other color games!

This color puzzle game is a great way to teach your toddlers and preschool kids colors