Color Games for Toddlers — Popsicle Stick Color Matching Game

No matter how long you have been working on colors with your child, these color games can really help them make connections when it comes to color. You don’t have to expect them to learn their colors quickly. However, all of these color games and activities will be great.

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Learn how to use this color matching popsicle game to teach your toddlers colors

Today’s game to teach colors is pretty easy. Several months ago, I did a busy bag exchange with several moms in my neighborhood. One of the bags that I got from the exchange was a Popsicle Stick Color Matching game. To make this game you will need just a few supplies.

What you need


First, cut out two rectangles from each piece of felt (or cardstock) that you have chosen to use. I just have the 6 colors of the rainbow, but feel free to make as many different colors as you want. To know what size to cut the rectangles, you can just eyeball it. It doesn’t have to be exact. 😉

Once you have two rectangles cut from each color, hot glue around three sides of one rectangle. Leave the bottom edge (a short edge) open. That is where the popsicle stick will go. Now just put the other rectangle over the glue and let it dry. You can also use a sewing machine to sew the three sides closed, but if you don’t know how to sew, hot glue will work just fine, too.

Discover how this color matching game to teach your toddlers colors using popsicle sticks

Once you have glued all of your felt into “popsicles,” get your popsicle sticks ready. You will need one popsicle stick per color. For toddlers, color the end of each popsicle stick with the color of the popsicle it will match. I just used markers to do the coloring.

If you want, you can also write the name of the color on the other side. I wrote the name of the color with that color of marker.

For preschoolers, write the name of the color using a black marker.

How to teach your toddler the colors

Hold up a popsicle stick or have your child choose a popsicle stick. Ask them the color on the end or have them guess the color. Now have your toddler find the matching “popsicle.”

Now your child can insert the popsicle stick into the correct color of “popsicle.” Pretend licking of the popsicle must occur. That is always my toddler’s favorite part. Continue until all popsicles are matched. I should note that putting the popsicle stick into the popsicle is not always easy. Sometimes the angle gets just right and the popsicle stick goes in without trouble. Sometimes the popsicle stick won’t go in and your child might get frustrated. If they do have a hard time and you can tell they are getting frustrated, you can just put the popsicle stick in for them and move on to the next color.

Discover how this color matching game to teach toddlers colors using popsicle sticks
This popsicle stick game is a great idea to teach toddlers colors
This popsicle stick game is a great idea to teach your toddlers colors

How to play with preschoolers

Set the popsicle sticks and “popsicles” in front of your preschooler. Have them choose a popsicle stick and read (or at least guess based on the beginning sound) the color on it. Once they have correctly read (or guessed) the color, have them put the correct color “popsicle” on the popsicle stick. Pretend licking of the popsicle must occur. 🙂

Both of my kids love this game (mostly because of the pretend licking), but it is great for teaching colors. It also uses fine motor skill when the popsicle stick is inserted into the popsicle. This is a great way to teach a child colors.