Color Games for Toddlers — Pom Poms and Egg Carton Activity

Two is an exciting age for kids–they’re ready to learn and explore! It is the perfect age for moms to start teaching them new things.

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This egg carton and pom poms can teach your toddler all about colors

Sometimes it might be difficult to find engaging ways to teach your children, but here is a fun and simple game to teach your toddler colors.

All you need is an egg carton, washable paint, and pom poms, and you’ll be able to make games for the two of you to play together.



Paint the inside of each egg carton hole with a different color of paint. You can double up on colors, depending on how many you have available.

Next, make sure you have 12 pom poms, one to correspond with each colored hole of the egg carton.

A fun activity using an egg carton and pom poms to teach colors to your toddler

Now that you have painted your egg carton and have your pom poms, you’re ready to let the games begin!

Name the Color

To play this game, place each pompom in the hole that matches its color. Name each color as your toddler picks it up. As your child gets older, he or she can start naming the colors.

Have your child place the pom poms into a pile after picking them up from the egg carton.

Your toddler can learn colors with these pom poms and egg carton

Color Match

For this game, all the pom poms go in a pile (or are already in a pile if you just played Name the Color). Your child can pick up the pompoms one by one and put each one into the hole that matches its color.

Make sure you give your child encouragement so that he or she knows when the pom pom is with its matching color!

Teach your toddler colors with this egg carton and pom poms

A great thing about this game is how easy it is to keep together and store. All of the pieces fit inside the egg carton, and the egg carton can close. This color game for toddlers is compact, easy to put together, and extremely inexpensive.

Once Easter comes around, these games can become part of the Easter egg fun! Instead of matching pompoms with colors, your child can match Easter eggs with the colors of the egg carton. Because some of the eggs will likely be pastel, they will be a different hue than the original paint and pom poms, allowing your child to learn about different shades of the colors.