Color Games for Toddlers — Fish Color Matching Game

Colored Fishies! Okay, I know that this idea has been around forever, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? 😉 This idea isn’t new, but I did add a fun little poem to help with color practice and to turn it into more of a game.

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Learn how this color matching fish game can teach your toddlers colors

What You Need

To play this color game, you will need the following materials:

To make the fishies and their colored sand mounds: print off these color fishies. If you don’t have a color printer, you can just cut fish shapes and circles out of colored construction paper or cardstock. If you want the fishies and sand mounds to be a bit more durable, cover them with contact paper or laminate them. Next, put 1-2 paperclips on each fish or staple each fish 2-3 times.

This fishing game is a fun way to teach your toddlers colors

Making a fishing pole

To make the fishing pole, start with a plain pencil. Tie some yarn to the eraser end of the pencil. Make the “fishing line” as long as you want it, then cut the yarn. Get two small magnetic squares with a sticky back. Place the two magnetic squares on the very end of the yarn, with the sticky backs touching each other.

Play the Game

Now that your materials are ready, it’s time to play the game. We start by putting all of the “sand” mounds on a blue poster board so it looks like they are in the ocean. Then, we put the fishies in the ocean in random place. The fishies should not be on their sand mounds yet.

Matching colors with this fishing game is something your toddlers will love

Next, have your child get ready with the paper bag next to them and with the fishing pole in his hand. Tell your child that they are going to try to catch some fishies and if they catch any, they can put them in the “boat” (paper bag).

Have your child point to the fish that they will try to catch with their fishing pole. Say this little poem:

A yellow (or whatever color your child chose) fish went out to play
He (or she) saw a hook and swam away.
Will the hook catch the fish?

This fishing game is a fun activity to teach your toddlers colors

Now have your child move the fishing pole around to try to catch the fish, while you try to swim the fish back to the “sand” mound.

If your child catches the fish say:
The yellow fish says, “Oh no!”
And into the boat he will go.

If you get the fish back to the sand mound before your child catches it say:

The yellow fish is safe and sound,
He sits upon his sandy mound.

A great way to teach your toddlers colors with this fishing game

Continue this game with all of the colored fishies until they are either in the paper bag or on the “sand” mound. If you want, count the number of fishies that your child caught.

This orange fish is a great way to teach your toddlers colors

Next, switch places and have your child try to get the fishies back to their home before you catch them with the fishing pole.

This game is wonderful because you name the color of the fish two times during the rhyme. It is also great because your child has to color match when he is trying to put the fish on its sandy mound. If the fish goes on the wrong sand mound, he is not safe.

You could also use these fishies to play the traditional fishing game. To do this, put all of the fishies in the paper bag (or a box or a plastic tray, etc.). Have your child fish. When he catches a fish on the fishing pole, have him name the color of the fish. If he gets it right, he can put the fish to the side. If he gets it wrong, tell him the correct name and have him put it back in the paper bag. Continue until all the fishies are gone.

Matching colors with this fish game is something your toddlers will love