Halloween Owl Brownies

What delicious treat can I make with my kids that is both cute and tasty?

When it comes to Halloween who doesn’t love to make themed desserts? If you are in the mood to make a really yummy, cute themed treat we have everything you need in this post. I had heard before of owl cupcakes and saw them a couple times on pinterest and thought they looked so cute! Although these cupcakes look great, my family is more of a brownie loving kind of family. Which gave me a great idea this year. What if I made Owl Brownies! They turned good enough to share and I am sure you and your kids will love them too!

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So if your family likes brownies as much as we do this halloween recipe is the recipe for you! This post is all about how to make fun owl brownies. They are as cute as they are easy to make.

Ingredients Needed

How to Make Owl Brownies

First, bake the brownies according to the directions on the package (if you want to try some really good boxed brownies… you should get these Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate brownies, but beware, they are addicting so you may find yourself using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save before too long). Also you’ll want to whip up some chocolate frosting (I used this recipe) or you can buy some too; no one will ever know!

Once the brownies have cooled use a cookie cutter (or glass cup in my case) to cut out a bunch of brownie circles. Feel free to enjoy the leftover brownie while you do so!

Once all the circles are cut out it’s time to frost them!

After the frosting is on, pull off one side of several Oreos (2 for each brownie).

Then place those on the brownie. Finally, add brown Reese’s Pieces for the eyes and an orange one for the nose.

Voila! You have just made super cute brownies that everyone will want to eat!

You can deliver them to your neighbors, keep them all to yourself 🙂 or you can use them as the prize for the Skeleton Scavenger Hunt we’re talking about today over at Blissful and Domestic!