General Conference Activities — Sorting and Matching

This General Conference Activity is pretty simple, but a lot of fun. Get the free images of Latter-day and Book of Mormon prophets from

After you’ve printed everything off, cut out the pictures and laminate them. Laminating is optional but it makes it much more durable so it can last for several General Conferences or Sundays at church.

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Try this fun LDS General Conference ancient and modern prophets sorting and matching game for toddlers

For the sorting activity you’ll just want to print off the page one time. Start by showing your toddler each type of picture so they know what they’ll be sorting. We made sure the pictures were really easy to sort so they can do the activity on their own.

You can have a pile with all the pictures or put the pictures in a bag for the toddler to pull from. Have them create a pile on the table or put the pictures in two separate bowls. After they’ve sorted all of the pictures let them mix them up and start over again!

Latter-day and Book of Mormon Prophet Sorting Activity

For the matching activity you’ll want to print off two copies of the images. This way you’ll have two copies of each photo to work with. You can either do just latter-day prophets, just Book of Mormon prophets, or have them all together.

This activity is probably better suited to preschoolers, but toddlers may still have fun flipping the cards over to see the picture on the other side.

Mix the cards up and lay them all face down in rows. Show your child how to play the matching game by turning over two pictures. If they match, take them out of the rows. If they don’t match, flip them back over and try again.

If you use all the prophet images this activity will likely take quite a while to complete, giving you plenty of time to enjoy General Conference uninterrupted!

Latter-day and Book of Mormon Prophet Matching Activity