General Conference Activities — Bingo Cards

It’s that time of year again! General Conference! This is just one of the many fun activities you can use to help your toddler learn and play during each session.

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Help your toddlers stay focused with this General Conference Bingo Activity

I remember watching General Conference as a child and one of my favorite activities to help me stay alert was bingo. Every year we used something different to mark off the spaces. I created a few General Conference Bingo pages for my kids, but you can print your own here!

Here are a couple ideas for ways to play:

Dot Markers

When your child hears a word mentioned, have them use a dot marker in that square. If they hear the word again, they can use a different color and add another dot to the square. See how many dots you can get in each square while trying to get a typical bingo or blackout!

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Maybe this idea is too much bribery, but one year I remember my dad getting out his big jar of coins for us to use on our General Conference bingo pages.

Anytime we heard the word mentioned we’d put a penny on that space. When we got five pennies in one space we got to trade it out for a nickle. When we got 10 we traded it for a dime, and so on.

At the end of the session we also got a quarter for each bingo. We got to keep all of the money we “earned” while watching conference and get a treat for family night the following Monday. Using money as a marker will also help your kids understand the relationship between each of the coins used too!

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Reverse Bingo with a Treat

The idea here is to place some sort of small treat (such as a Froot Loops, Skittles, M&Ms, etc) on each square before the session of conference begins. Then, as your child hears a word, they get to remove the candy and eat it.

Flat Marble Letters

This game will involve a little more thinking, but can still be really fun! Get out your flat marble alphabet. Tell your child that when they hear a word, find the first letter of that word in the marble alphabet and use that to mark the space.

Since the words are written on the page already this shouldn’t involve much input from you and will help them practice their letters!

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Regular General Conference Bingo

You can also use these sheets to play bingo the normal way. This generally involves less bribery :).

To make it a little more exciting, try using something fun to mark off the space such as buttons, cereal, flat marbles, game pieces, colored pieces of paper, stickers, pom poms, foam shapes, pattern block pieces, etc. You could even have them just color each square with markers, crayons or colored pencils as they listen.

Check out these exciting bingo sheets general conference toddler activities

Have fun using these bingo sheets to help your preschooler stay busy and focused during General Conference!