General Conference Activities — Popsicle Sticks in Milk Jug, Magnet Page

Below are some activities for toddlers or preschoolers to help them stay busy and quiet during General Conference.

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Popsicle sticks in a milk jug

Popsicle sticks in a milk jug: the name pretty much says it all! Get some popsicle sticks and an empty milk jug (or juice bottle) and give them to your toddler. Your toddler will have fun putting the popsicle sticks into the milk jug and dumping them back out again.

For even more fun, have your toddler paint or draw with markers on the popsicle sticks before using them for this game. They will look prettier and keep your toddler busy longer. 🙂

Magnet Page

Download the free Alphabet Magnet Pages for your toddler to use. There is one for every letter of the alphabet — each with a tie and a dress, so your child can decorate or color one for each male and female speaker.

So, how can your preschooler use these magnet pages? Use pompom magnets (pompoms with magnets hot glued to the back) or these awesome circle magnets to cover the circles on the page. You’ll want around 30 magnets if you’re doing just one page at a time.

You could also use colored circle stickers for this activity or even markers and crayons to color in the circles.