Color Games for Toddlers — Bubble Painting Art Activity

Bubble Painting to Teach your Child Colors

This color game is definitely one of our family’s favorites. Your child won’t have to guess the right color, or sort, or anything.

They just get to explore colors and have fun with them. Luckily, this is still a great way for teaching your toddler colors.

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Find out how to use this bubble painting art activity to teach your toddlers colors

How to Make the Bubble Solution

What you need:

Start by pouring some bubble solution (from Amazon) into each of three small containers.

You can do this activity in the container the bubbles come in, but the colors to be easier to see if poured into little containers.

Next, put a few drops of food coloring into each container. I think I used about 5 drops per container.

We just did red, yellow, and blue this time, but I think we’ll do this activity again with orange, green, and purple.

Teach your Child how to Bubble Paint

First, sit down with your child and give them a white piece of paper.

Then, show them how they can blow bubbles onto their paper, which makes color imprints on their paper. Both of my kids were totally fascinated by this phenomenon.

Learn how to use bubble painting art activity to teach your toddlers colors

They loved blowing the bubbles and making a bunch of colors on the paper. Then, they wanted to make a paper with only blue bubbles.

Bubble painting is a fun game to teach colors to your toddlers

My younger child needed my help holding the bubble wand because he kept putting the bubble wand in his mouth. 🙁 Yucky.

As long as I held the bubble wand though, he did great. His favorite part was popping the bubbles on the paper and then seeing the color appear.

Learn how to use bubble painting to teach your toddlers colors

My kiddos loved this game and it was a really great way to learn the colors. Both my preschooler and my toddler were able to just enjoy colors and have fun with them.

Plus, my younger child is really starting to get his colors down. His favorite color is definitely blue. I see a blue-themed 2 year old birthday party in our future. 🙂